by absurdlyobfuscated
XXSE is a save editor for the Xbox 360 that works right in your browser.

Supported browsers:
  • Firefox
  • Chrome (doesn't work offline unless you disable same origin policy)
  • Opera (doesn't work offline, shows size of downloads incorrectly)
  • IE 10 (doesn't work offline)
Internet Explorer versions 9 and older and Safari don't support FileReader and will not work.

Download for offline use: XXSE-0.2.1.zip. Simply extract and open XXSE.html to use.

Instructions: Important: Horizon and some other Xbox 360 mod tools have issues replacing files in Dark Souls and Soul Calibur 5 saves, and will inevitably corrupt them. They may appear to modify them correctly, but issues will appear eventually - possibly rendering your data inaccessible. Modio 5 does not appear have any issues with these files.

Halo 4 Warnings: If you modify your XP beyond a certain threshold, you will be automatically banned. Do not make significant changes unless you intend to play offline only. Also note that for modifications to take effect, you must first load the game to the title screen and only then should you sign in. Signing in first then loading the game will result in it reloading your stats from the Halo 4 servers, wiping out any modifications you may have done. If you have gone online with modified stats, those changes will be permanent; stats cannot be lowered without all stats being reset the next time you go online. You should also note that for armory items to stay unlocked online, you must check the 'Override Requirements' box for each. Otherwise any items with requirements not met will be automatically locked or hidden while online.

Magic 2014 Note: To enable the sealed pool slots for editing in Magic 2014 (Deck Save), you must first open the sealed mode in the game at least once. If you unlock more than the first two sealed pool slots, you must load the game with the profile that has said slots unlocked at least once.

Disclaimer: This is beta software. Be sure to keep a backup of any files you modify. Modifying any online or leaderboard stats/data may result in a ban - offline testing is recommended. Use at your own risk.

Bugs/issues/suggestions? Let me know: my gmail is absurdly.obfuscated, or you can find me around on the web.